To clarify, 'Palmer Rapids' can mean two different things: one being the town 'Palmer Rapids', located on highway 515 between Combermere and Quadeville, and the other being the rapids, and the location of the historic site of Palmer Rapids, now the Palmer Rapids Whitewater Play Park, or 'Pine Point', which is a few kilometres west of the town 'Palmer Rapids', in the town of Jewelville.

According to George Drought, Palmer Rapids (Pine Point) is 'Ontario's Great Training Rapid', loved for its distinct rapid sections and channels, ease of access and the short and manageable portage from the bottom bay back upstream. Paddlers flock for the opportunity to practice and teach whitewater rescue & paddling skills on these beautiful sets. We invite certified whitewater instructors to contact us about our sweet instructor outfitting & delivery/shuttle packages for Palmer Rapids.

Because the Madawaska River is dam controlled, Palmer Rapids, the rapids, have a steady flow of water throughout the season, with seasonally high waters in Spring, slowly tapering down to August lows, and generally coming back up with Autumn rains. The Palmer Rapids dam, just above Palmer Rapids, the rapids, can release/dam water at any time!!! There is a real-time water table to check the water levels, which is updated daily. We use the discharge(cms cubic metre per second). If you use this link, you will have to update the date each time you check levels to get updated info, and then 'apply settings'. You can see historically how the river spikes and dips dramatically when they are making changes at the dam. It's good to know that you will just never know - that the river can change quickly, and that it will never be the same twice!

Access to the river is available from the Palmer Rapids Whitewater Play Park, on the original town site of Palmer Rapids off hwy 515(Palmer Rd) on Dam rd.

This no fee Park is a day-use only site and a no camping Park. Leave only Footprints please

Camping is available across the river, at Jessup's(get in touch for details) or downstream at Paddler Co-op.

If you stumbled here because you love rivers and rapids, and are looking for a local walking experience or picnic venue, there are various trails throughout the park to explore and experience.

It is a definite treat to watch from shore, as canoes and kayaks dance and maneuver the the rapids, eddying in and out of the moving water. 

google map link to Palmer Rapids, the Rapids